June 9, 2008

Back in Action

After the scary events of last December, and the "winter of our discontent" (see here) . . . it was an immensely happy moment to watch Laura cross the finish line in the Big Sur International Marathon on April 27. OK, she was actually part of a relay team, joining her fellow Monterey County planning managers, but it was still a great achievement. Her approximate time was just over an hour for the 4.2 mile segment.

Where's Laura? Crossing the finish line on Highway 1, of course! Another barrier broken.

Above, the relay team poses for a portrait in Carmel. From left: Jacqueline Onciano, Carl Holm, Mike Novo, and Laura. Below, mementos mark the occasion . . . if the timing works out, she'll be back next year.

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KWG said...

Congratulations, Laura! Join us at the Wharf to Wharf this year. Live music and free refreshments and neighbors hosing you down along the way. Good times.