January 19, 2008

On the Mend

After a surreal month, things are slowly getting back to normal at the Lawrence home. Thanks to all our friends and family for their support and prayers over the past several weeks (for those unaware, it's a long story involving a Costco food court and a careening Cadillac). The blog will soon resume its usual foolishness.

Costco ends "drive-thru service" pilot project after one evening. Undaunted, patrons still order hot dogs.


Anonymous said...

Damn. Hope everyone is all right or recovering well.

BEK said...

that sure was a nice caddy. Hope the big pretzels survived as well.

El said...

We sure didn't shed any tears for that Caddy!

Since I never really explained things above ... my wife was hit by a flying table and has been recovering from a leg injury. But after staring down a pair of headlights, all three of us realize it could have been MUCH worse. The moral of the story is: if you spill your coke while driving, don't clean it up until you've stopped. Sigh.