April 1, 2008

From Gamers to Goners

Yes, we suck, but this shirt will never get old.

If you’re a baseball fan, I don’t have to tell you that yesterday was Opening Day, a mini-holiday of sorts. Our Giants and the L.A. Dodgers each kicked off celebrations of 50 years on the West Coast. And what a glorious game: the pitching ace was on the mound . . . the cleanup hitter delivered the death blow (a 2-run homer) in the first inning . . . the shortstop made a dazzling play . . . and the bullpen preserved the shutout with a final score of 5-0.

Oh, wait -- that was the OTHER 50th anniversary team. WE had Barry Zito pitching. WE had the old guys playing. Osama's cave was filled with joy.

Honestly, we realized a few weeks ago that this was going to be a long year . . . but after watching yesterday’s feeble opening, well . . . it’s REALLY going to be a long year. Thank God there were other games last night to cleanse my palette and remind me what real baseball is. Then again, I’ve never laughed as hard at the McCovey Chronicles blog as I did yesterday. The Giants train-wreck/entertainment value is going to be through the roof this year.

It may be time to take John Belushi’s advice in Animal House: “My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.”

Barry Zito, our $128 million ace, picks out suits during happier times . . . i.e., before opening day 2007. Minutes later, he blew off a group of kids asking for his autograph. Yep, that's our face of the franchise.