January 6, 2008

2007 Rogues' Gallery

We're six days into 2008, but I wanted to peek back at the past year before moving on. Over the past few weeks, several folks in the railfan community have posted their best/favorite photos of 2007, and they have shown some terrific stuff . . . so I had to join in. While much of the past year was consumed by the 66 Railway book (just ask my wife), it was a pleasant surprise to find more variety in my photo files than expected.

Without any further hot air, here's a brief gallery of personal favorites:

Road Meets Rail - Glorieta Pass, New Mexico

Artichoke Field Near Castroville, Calif.

Amtrak #11 at San Lucas, Calif.

Chinatown in floodlights, Salinas, Calif.

Atticus resting, home

Santa Fe Legacies, Phoenix, Ariz.

South Shore study, Chicago, Ill.

Otter, Moss Landing, Calif.

En route to our first Bruce concert in Oakland, Calif. (Hand modeling by Kathryn Lawrence)

Laura & Kat watching trains - Salinas Valley Model Railroad

Broadcaster Jon Miller, Tuscon, Ariz.

Union Pacific looking fine - Canyon Siding, Cajon Pass

T-Shirt, Giants Spring Training, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Whew! Thanks for viewing.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another reason to hate the damn Dodgers...