October 14, 2011

Red Rock Canyon

By now it may seem like this blog is going to be a once-a-month affair (at best), but have faith, my handful of followers . . . I'm learning to set aside the "epic-article" mindset and speed up the pace. Case in point: today's post.

Saturday, October 1st was an eventful day: it launched my new era as a full-time employee of HRmarketer.com, a firm I've worked with part-time since August 2003. (Two words: paid vacation.) It was also the start of a trip to Las Vegas for a HR technology conference, and we kicked things off with an afternoon road trip to Red Rock Canyon. Amazingly, this short but scenic canyon is only 20 minutes west of the Strip, and is well worth a visit. Below are a handful of snapshots from the colorful afternoon. Watch for a larger Facebook gallery coming soon. (Click pics to enlarge)

Last light on red rocks
Dodging shadows
Joshua tree and red rocks
Shadows and light
Thunderheads across the desert
Tree and panorama
A friendly park volunteer takes an exit survey.

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