January 2, 2009

2008: A Good Year

Amtrak's Coast Starlight, the final train #11 for 2008, departs Salinas on December 31 . . . as GE no. 505 does her best Alco impression.

What a year. Fall 2008 can pretty much be summed up by the book's arrival, book sales, book PR, and the holidays (oh yeah, and those pesky PR clients). Many people are all-too-happy to shove 2008 out the airlock -- understandably so, for those beaten down by the financial collapse -- but I'll always look fondly on the year that Route 66 Railway finally came to life. Thanks to everyone who gave R66R such a warm welcome, and for helping make the past three months truly special.

The final photo of the year: the moon and Venus, seen from Aromas, Cal., on New Year's Eve.

I'm off to a "First Fridays" reception tonight at Salinas' restored Railway Express Building. In the next few days I'll post favorite photos from the past year. And maybe I can settle into a regular posting schedule for 2009 (we'll see).

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